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How To Address Touchy Topics In Bed

How to Address Touchy Topics in Bed

There is nothing more uncomfortable than addressing a touch topic in bed. We’ve all had those instances in which a sexual partner is doing something that we don’t like, that we find offensive, or that we would hope to change. is a place where you will find the product that gives you the comfort for you and your partner. Because sexual preference varies so widely, it is almost impossible to get it right every time.

But how do you address touch topics in bed? How can you bring up a sexual topic that might make your partner feel insecure or inadequate? This can be especially uncomfortable for women because men are traditionally the “guides” in sexual activity, and we never want to hurt our partner’s feelings when it comes to sex.

#1. Pick a Neutral Place

Sometimes it’s best not to discuss sexual topics in bed. The bed is where you make love, and it shouldn’t be tainted by uncomfortable issues. The bed should be a place in which both partners feel comfortable and relaxed for sex. So perhaps you might want to address the topic on the counc in the living room or at the dining room table. Just make sure that you won’t be interrupted and that you have at least minimal privacy.

#2. Start with the Plus Column

Rather than jumping in with both feet and saying, “I hate it when you…”, it might be better to start by naming the things you love that your partner does. For example, let him or her know that you really enjoy a particular position or talk about a time that was especially enjoyable. This will let your partner know that he or she is not terrible in bed, but that you just have a few concerns you want to address.

#3. Invite Your Partner’s Opinions

If you have touchy topics concerning sex that you need to address, chances are your partner has them as well. Don’t make it about one or the other; let each of you have a turn talking about sexual preferences and favorite positions. What can you do to make sex better for them? This allows it to be a discussion rather than a lecture on your part.

#4. Put a Positive Spin On It

Instead of saying, “I don’t like it when you…”, say “You know how you do this? Well, I love it when [guys/girls] do this…” This makes a problem that you have with your partner turn into something he or she could do that you might like, which takes the pressure off of your partner.

#5. Show Your Partner

Even if you have the conversation in the living room, immediately take it to the bedroom afterward and show your partner exactly what you mean. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it will be to teach him or her, and you can immediately settle any anxiety your partner might feel. This shows that you might have a problem to address about sex, but that you still want to have sex and that you’re excited about sharing something intimate with him or her.

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