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Forget The Desktop And Get A Laptop!

Forget the Desktop and Get a Laptop!

Within the past few years there has been a noticeable change in the way the average consumer purchases a new computer. Check now the cheap 144 hertz monitor for gaming. The Interactive Data Corp (IDC) predicts that over 70 percent of consumers will purchase a laptop in 2021, leaving only 30 percent for desktop towers. Currently desktops still seem to be outweighing sales over laptops but the gap is quickly closing.

Of course technological advances are part of the reason this is occurring. Manufacturers are building laptops one fourth the size of desktops and nearly equally as powerful. The consumer of course could care less how powerful the machine is as long as it gets the job done. Let’s not forget the ultra mobile PC (UMPC) such as the ASUS EeePC netbook. We have been seeing more and more of these on the market lately and now it’s hitting the mainstream since they only cost as low as $150. Half the reason they’re so cheap is because most of them ditch Microsoft and use open source software such as Linux, this easily saves you a couple hundred dollars on your purchase.

As college students rely on laptops more and more we will see the gap close even further. No college student would sacrifice convenience by getting a desktop when they could just carry around their research papers and notes anywhere they please in one sleek and simple laptop. Or consider those who work in an office all day long and have to commute back home to finish their work. They’d much rather save it all on their laptop rather than make a bunch of ridiculous file transfers or waste paper printing copies. Also pushing laptop sales is all the Wi-fi hot spots emerging across the nation. You can’t drive around and find a nice shady location across town to check your e-mail with a desktop computer can you? It’s inevitable; laptops are here to stay and desktops will become a thing of the past except for those nerdy few who need the extra performance from a tower like myself.

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