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Want To Be A Great Writer? Then Don’t Focus On Writing. (Do This Instead)

Want to be a Great Writer? Then Don’t Focus on Writing. (Do This Instead)

Writing is an art that cannot be mastered by everyone. It is a blessing that will help you shape your career or your passion. You always wanted to be a writer, but you weren’t sure how to go about it? If your answer is yes, then we feel you.

Everyone who has a basic knowledge of grammar can write, but not everyone can become successful. This is because writing is not the key to success; it is the system you build around it, that will take you to places. You know what Hemingway, Jacobs and other great writers had in common? A honed writing system that they followed diligently in rain or shine. If you want to become a successful writer, then stop focusing on your writing and follow the three aspects mentioned below:

Gather material

You decide to write! But what are you going to write about? Even though you have a lot of options and topics in front of you, where do you gain the information or the courage to start writing?

Now you know the importance of gathering enough material. All writers, including Hemingway, requires equipment. Lucky for us, because we literally have the world at our fingertips; hence we can browse through anything and everything. Here are a few ways to gather material:

  • Learn from life experiences
  • If you have no relevant experiences, then you can learn from the experiences of others’.
  • Read a lot of books and articles.
  • Follow famous writers and their focus on their style and implement some interesting ways to your writing style.
  • Gather information from the comments sections of other writers.

Gather material


Although we’ve mentioned not to focus on writing, you cannot really dodge it to the gutter. You have to write. You cannot compete in the World Cup if you do not practice how to play cricket!

Once you’ve gathered all your material and ideas, it is time for you to put your thoughts on paper. This needs to be a regular practice and not once in a bluemoon. Setting a goal to complete a particular number of words daily will solve half your problem of procrastination. By setting a specific time and number of words to achieve per day, you can be diligent in your work.

Sharpen your skills

If you always wanted to be a writer, then you probably have skills for it and its only time that you sharpen these skills, and you’re all set to write your heart out!

Don’t fall prey to the idea of “reading and writing a lot“. Although it works to some extent, most times, it becomes stagnant. Take up a course or read books on how to improvise, do your homework and most importantly, keep your mind relaxed and develop the ability to think clearly.

The writing styles are different for bloggers, novelists, poets etc. Find you forte and work on that by getting proper guidelines from mentors or books.

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