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A Reading Child

A Reading Child

I love the idea of a Reading Child, I guess that’s why I ventured into the young adult realm for a minute, and it has been so fulfilling…today I received an email from a mother of a thirteen year old, about two months ago the mother checked out my website, decided she wanted to interview me. she read my book, then she allowed her thirteen year old to read it…today I read the review of that thirteen year old, and I had a lump in my throat all day, she told me what she loved about the book and what she didn’t. What touched me most was in the didn’t love section of her review, it was about how a couple of the characters were behaving, and reading about their behavior made her realize how she didn’t want to behave…I loved that…

As a mentor one of the first things I ask, is, “What are you reading”, if the answer is nothing, off to the bookstore we go. Nothing pleases my heart more than to see the expanding of a young person’s mind once they enter the wonderful world of the written word.

I am also the mother of reading children…well actually they are men, twenty-two and twenty-eight and self-supporting makes them men…woo hoo…anyway…they are both readers…many ask why and I say, ‘They had no choice’…I read to them invitro…as babies…toddlers…and we went to the library together until they were done with high school…and we talked about what they had read…which meant I read a lot of kids books…

Three of my favorite memories of my kids reading involve my youngest son….I remember, we were living in Hawaii and he was eight years old…on Saturday after he and I did chores, went shopping and finally returned home…daddy was away on business…big brother at fourteen was not trying to hang out with us…we came home, I told him not to go outside, I was going upstairs to take a shower….when done I looked everywhere for him…even outside where I told him not to go…after several minutes…I heard giggling…I looked in the bathroom downstairs and he was ensconced on the floor with pillows and a cup of juice, giggling as he read a book he had picked up from the library….The other time was one day we were at the doctor’s office, he was sixteen and had decided to read, ‘The Art of War’…several of the doctors walked by and each one of them stared at my son…feeling a bit perturbed…protective Black Mama and all, I asked, ‘What was going on’…one Doctor said, “I have never seen a boy his age, sitting anywhere, reading a book…that was a proud mama moment…the third moment was in 2005, we were in the middle of hurricane season and my husband, my son (now almost twenty) and I were stuck in the house for almost three days without electricity, during that time, my son and I were lying on the floor, near the fireplace, swapping books, arguing about books…but most importantly reading books…

So, Share a Book With A Young Person, They Just Might Become A Reading Child–How Cool Is That!



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